“Inside/Outside” group show at the Art Center of Highland Park - June 14 - August 3, 2019

My two paintings, “Claustrophobia” and “South Loop Skyscraper”, will be included in the “Inside/Outside” group show at the Art Center of Highland Park which opens June 14! The exhibit, “Undercurrents”, also opens and runs concurrently. Special thanks to Michelle Stone and Susan Smith Trees for selecting this great group of artists and to curator, Caren Rudman, from the Art Center of Highland Park for organizing the exhibition.

Show Dates: Friday, June 14 - August 3, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, June 14, 5:30 - 7:30pm
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Claustrophobia, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2018

South Loop Skyscraper, oil on canvas, 36x48, 2017

New Abstract Cityscape Paintings

Since January, I have been exploring abstraction with cityscapes. I’ve done a lot of sketching with charcoal and taking lots of reference photos to use. It’s been fun getting looser with the shapes and not being so concerned about things looking like actual architecture. Looking forward to making more of these abstract cityscapes. Click on the images below to enlarge fullscreen.

Featured in Professional Artist Magazine

I’m excited to announce that my painting, Chicago Blues, and “elevator speech” artist statement are featured in the February-March 2019 issue of Professional Artist Magazine. The magazine has been around for over 30 years, but unfortunately, this will be the last issue. It’s sad because this was such a great resource for artists but I’m happy that I got contacted to be in the issue. Below are some screenshots (click to enlarge):

How to Nail Your Elevator Speech by Gigi Rosenberg, Professional Artist Magazine, February-March 2019

October Open Studios

On Friday, October 5, 2018, we’re having Open Studios at the Cornelia Arts Building - kicking off the fall art season. I’ll be showing some new cityscape paintings and will also have a selection of pieces at discounted prices for a fall art sale. Stop by and enjoy an evening of art!


Art on two floors and guest artists in the hallways! Close to public transportation & free parking!

RSVP for the October 2018 Open Studios:
Friday, October 5, 6-10 pm

Check out a show preview on ArtSlant.

All are welcome so invite your friends! FREE and open to the public.

Artist Talk - "Fish Hooks" Presentation @ SapientRazorfish

This past Friday, I was invited to give a presentation at my office about my art and volunteering at CHIRP Radio. It was a really great experience for me to share these two passions and creative outlets - people were engaged and asked questions about my art and CHIRP. The presentation was part of a bi-weekly office update and which always includes someone sharing something interesting they do outside of work.

Here are some photos from the presentation along with a few slides I used. Click on the images to view larger.


I spoke about my art career, my studio, and how urban landscapes and architecture are my inspiration for creating paintings and photographs of cityscapes. I also let everyone know about the upcoming Cornelia Arts Building Fall Open Studios. Click on the images to view larger.


I gave an overview of CHIRPRadio.org - 1071.FM and my work as a volunteer, DJ, and marketing director for this Chicago-based independent community radio station. I also mentioned our current fall fundraising drive and upcoming one-year broadcast birthday bash. Click on the images to view larger.

Presentation Photos Credit: Nick Heitzman

A set of new cityscape paintings

I've bounced back-and-forth on the below paintings for most of the year but finally finished them up today. Part of where I had difficulty was working on another painting for a while - where I was experimenting with style, shapes, and colors - which blocked me a little bit creatively. 

Here's the painting that blocked me that I was able to finish last week:

Bridge To Nowhere, oil on canvas, 48x36, 2018, AVAILABLE

Bridge To Nowhere, oil on canvas, 48x36, 2018

And, once I finished Bridge To Nowhere, I was able to get back to the six other paintings I started earlier this year and finish them up. These are all imaginary cityscapes and a way to explore a little bit of abstraction in the shapes.

Cityscape Photographs - Chicago + New York

We had our May Open Studios at the Cornelia Arts Building this past Friday and I decided to print some photos on canvas to both show something new and demonstrate how my photos are the foundation for my paintings. These shots are from 2013 and 2016 and have never been shown.

A Little Uneven + Claustrophobia

It's been a while since I put up a blog post and a while since I finished some paintings. Last week I finished "A Little Uneven" and today I finished up "Claustrophobia". Both are imaginary cityscapes where I'm trying to pull in more abstract elements and really flatten out the perspective to focus on color, shape, and texture.

A Little Uneven , oil on canvas, 30x40, 2018

A Little Uneven, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2018

Claustrophobia , oil on canvas, 30x40, 2018

Claustrophobia, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2018

Black and White Chicago Cityscapes

For the past couple of months, I've been working on a new series of black and white paintings. They are based on Instagram photos I shoot on walks during my lunch break. Back in the studio, I create charcoal sketches from the photos and then use those sketches to make the paintings using oil pigment sticks. Many times, I will shoot the photograph, do the sketch, and create the painting in the same day. My day job at a digital agency is now located at The Merchandise Mart, so this series of cityscape paintings is really just me exploring this new work neighborhood along the Chicago River. I'm still focusing on the older architectural elements, the steel bridges, and L trains, along with their surrounding modern architecture. Lately, I feel like I'm drawn to the various abstract shapes in the compositions and this method allows me to create quickly in a looser way since I'm using the pigment sticks as a drawing tool.

Click images to view larger.